Introducing EaDo Advanced (Beta) - A Totally New Kind of Car Wash Membership



EaDo Hand Car Wash has only been open just over a year, and we’re already the best rated hand car wash & detail shop in Houston because we strive for greatness every day. Our guests have their cars cared for as if they were our own, and it shows in how your car looks.


However, a problem for many Houstonians is knowing when to get a car wash. The weather changes rapidly and unpredictably. Even on the most beautiful day, parking and personal garages contain lots of unmanaged dust and grit. Outdoor parking and driving exposes your car to even more dust, grit and pollen. Construction areas are all over Houston, too, and make for a naturally dirty environment.


This problem is two-fold. First, it distresses our guests who have their car washed, and then have get covered in grime 3 days later because Houston. Second, it deters interested guests who would like to have a clean vehicle, but do not want to pay for something that is potentially very temporary. How do you solve this problem in a place with such dynamic conditions? Enter EaDo Advanced.

What Is EaDo Advanced?


EaDo Advanced is a hand car wash membership package that includes a variety of benefits and rewards not available to our other guests, in addition to unlimited hand car washes and a select number of waxes during the guest’s membership tenure. Guests have a choice in purchasing memberships in one-month, three-month and one-year lengths. Best of all, our pricing is affordable and competitive with a one-month membership, and it gets unbelievably better as the membership length increases! What comes in all EaDo Advanced memberships*?


  • Unlimited Hand Wash & Dry


  • Unlimited Interior Vacuum


  • Unlimited Dash & Door Panel Wipedown


  • Unlimited Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning


  • High Gloss Spray Wax


  • Spot Detailing - if there is a small area in your car that needs extra special attention (i.e. a stain on a seat or a melted chocolate bar in your cupholder), we’ll take care of it.

Why Choose EaDo Advanced?


There are lots of reasons our guests should choose the EaDo Advanced membership program! Here are just a few of the benefits:


  • Unlimited access to the best hand car wash and detail in Houston*!


  • We build a relationship with you and your vehicle! We’re a small company and take the time to remember all of our members and their specific car needs. At EaDo Hand Car Wash, our members are treated like family.


  • An unparalleled deal - Our one-month memberships are priced competitively in the market, and our three-month and one-year memberships are unparalleled in their pricing!


  • No sneaky recurring payment system that unexpectedly charges you. Our members purchase their plans in advance, so you get exactly what you pay for with us, and save on your loyalty!!


  • Free entry into member-only promotional contests*.


  • Exclusive members-only access to discounts on our entire array of additional detailing services.


  • Referral discounts - refer a new member, and receive $25 of credit towards your next membership purchase!


  • Multi-Car Discounts - we offer 30% off to our members who’d like to enroll multiple cars in our membership program.*

Prices & How To Join:

For prices and information on how to join, please call us, or visit us at 2919 Leeland St. during normal business hours and ask about the EaDo Advanced Membership.